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Walters Homes ENERGY STAR® Construction And Streamlined ReBUILD Process Allows for a Wonderful Homeowner Experience! Family ReBUILDs Summer Retreat, Returns to the Jersey Shore Walters Homes Constructs Stronger, Safer, Energy Efficient Homes

Family ReBUILDs Summer Retreat, Returns to the Jersey Shore Walters Homes Constructs Stronger, Safer, Energy Efficient Homes.

BEACH HAVEN WEST, N.J., August 10 The D'Amico clan had 27 years of summer memories invested in their vacation home in Beach Haven West when Superstorm Sandy hit two years ago. In the aftermath, they were left with a badly damaged house and a lot of uncertainty about how to pick up the pieces. After much deliberation, they decided to replace their 50-year-old sea ranch with a new residence constructed by Walters-ReBUILD.

This summer, three generations of the D'Amico family are returning to their Bayfront community to enjoy their safer, stronger and more resilient home. Michael J. D'Amico, Jr. and his wife Catherine, say they weighed their options, did their research, and in the end, decided Walters- ReBUILD was the developer they trusted to reconstruct their family's retreat. The D'Amicos chose the spacious four-bedroom, three-and-one-half bath West Wind model for their lagoon property. By starting from scratch, ReBUILD created a house that would better use the site. Without changing the footprint of the original house, the new ENERGY STAR® certified home is larger, more modern and elevated to comply with FEMA's guidelines.

ReBUILD, the custom home division of developer Walters Homes, was created post- Sandy to rebuild storm-damaged homes from the ground up, making them safer, stronger and more resilient to natural disasters. Since its inception, ReBUILD has reconstructed over 100 single-family homes in Ocean County; another 67 homes currently are in development or under construction. After spending six months researching various building options, everything from modular to stick built, D'Amico explained that the choice became clear once they walked through the fully-furnished West Wind model. "We interviewed all the builders in town. But it's hard to look at blueprints and imagine what a home is going to look like, says D'Amico. "The model Walters built in Beach Haven West was great. All of my research indicated that Walters was a company that had been in business in the area for a long time and had a reputation that they wanted to keep.

"Other builders I met with didn't have a stake in the community, and I wondered if they were going to be her after the building boom was over," added D'Amico."Walters, on the other hand, has built shopping centers, apartment complexes and other projects in the area. So we felt comfortable with them as a company."

D'Amico says he struggles to remember any problems during the eight-month construction process. "Frankly, everything we did with Walters was incredibly easy,

he said. "It's a daunting process for a homeowner who does this maybe once or twice in a lifetime, but the Walters team helped us every step of the way.

Raising the Bar on ReBUILDing

ReBUILD has redefined the way homes are being built, according to Matthew Gaudet- Walters, ReBUILD sales representative."We've raised the bar for flood prevention on newly constructed homes along the shore. Our homes are built above the flood elevations and can withstand wind speeds of up to 120 mph.

ReBUILD's efficient construction timetable meant the D'Amico family could move into their new home before Memorial Day. We signed a contract last summer, they broke ground in late December and they were done by April. That's a fantastic turnaround time. From day one they told us it would take eight months and they delivered on the date they promised. That's phenomenal. Our neighbors were taking pictures for us and posting them on Facebook so we could track the whole process, and we were amazed at how fast they were moving.

After missing the last two summers at the Jersey Shore, D'Amico has a lot of barbecues and bonfires to make up for. "This year the party is at my house."

"We knew people who used ReBUILD and what really sold us was their reputation and their website. It was easy to find the house that best fit our lot just by looking at their website. Once we met with Ed Walters, we felt comfortable about our decision to go with ReBUILD. They were straightforward and easy to work with." - Mark Andrews, Stafford Township

"ReBUILD's website was user-friendly; they were upfront about costs and very flexible to work with, which were all factors in our decision to go with them. We looked at modular homebuilders, but the sales people made us feel like some of the things we wanted were going to be a task to accomplish. Based on that, we took the easier route. We went with Walters where we felt we could really do anything we wanted within the building frame. They were much more flexible." - James and Deborah Roofe, Toms River Township

"Walters made building a new home an amazing experience. Every single person, from day one, was beyond helpful. From the design department to the warranty department, they were all excellent to work with - very responsive and efficient. My husband and I were undecided about what to do with our property so we met with two other local builders before meeting Ed, and I felt there was a big difference. Walters had the largest selection of affordable homes that fit within our budget. We were not as comfortable with other builders because we were unsure of what we would be getting for the price. Our instincts told us to go with Ed and ReBUILD, and we were right." - Tom and Denise George, Stafford Township

"We were living in an older home in Beach Haven West when Sandy hit. The house flooded, so we refurbished right away. Then we found out from our township that we had to elevate. So we decided to demolish and go up nine feet to accommodate the new flood elevation requirement in our township. I'd heard from friends that Walters was a top-notch builder. We chose the Ocean Mist model and tweaked it. From the start, they said our home would be completed in 120 days and it really was. I'm really happy we went with them. They worked with us to get all the permits and approvals. All in all, I think they were great; they really stand by their product." - Wendy McCrann, Stafford Township

"Our neighborhood in Long Beach Township was wiped out from Sandy. But seeing what our neighbors went through and the workmanship of their houses, we felt like we totally lucked out by choosing Walters. It was a very positive experience for us. The ReBUILD team kept us in the loop during the entire demolition and rebuilding process. Everybody was great every step of the way, and we were able to close six months after construction began. I also really appreciated that in the end, after we customized and upgraded, their estimate was right to the penny. There were no surprises whatsoever." - Patricia and Andy Hennelly, Long Beach Township

"I couldn't make up my mind about what to do after Sandy. After talking with some modular house builders, I found their cost estimates were very high. But when I met with Ed Walters, he took the time to sit down and talk to me about my concerns. Matt Walters helped me figure out which model would best fit on my lot. Terri Morelli in the warranty department was very helpful and efficient. And Danielle Edreff at the design center was extremely helpful with selections while staying within my budget. I was in my house six months after we signed a contract with ReBUILD. I have some neighbors who are still not in their homes." - Ginny Podolak, Stafford Township

"Sandy put a tremendous strain on everyone, but the people at ReBUILD knew what they were doing. If you express concern, they address it. It's a give-and-take process. They have good employees and good subcontractors. Pam Schuster was great to work with, and you can't ask for a better person to oversee a construction project than Victor Farano. I really can't say enough good things about the people at ReBUILD." - Joe Pawlak, Stafford Township

"Our plan was to retire down here in Lavallette, and when Sandy hit it severely damaged our home, so we figured we'd rebuild instead of repair. Just five months after the storm hit, we found the Walters website and their models were really attractive. The people at ReBUILD were friendly, easy going and very upfront about pricing. Other builders we met with prior to Walters made us feel uneasy. So from the start, I was impressed that Ed Walters took the time to meet with us. In fact, throughout the whole process, whenever we contacted the people at ReBUILD with questions, they got right back to us. People who've seen our house are really impressed." - Anthony and Jorgina deStefano, Lavallette Boro

"Our home was so damaged by Sandy that it was not repairable. We lost everything. When I was looking for a builder, I wanted to use someone that had roots in the area as well as a track record. None of the other builders we met with except for Walters had that. My wife and I met with Ed Walters and he said, 'let me build you a beautiful house,' and he did. He's a man of his word, and he has integrity. Everything we chose was spelled out, and we got exactly what we wanted. Our new house is perfect – we love it. I never expected in my life to have such a beautiful home. We found the people at Walters to be organized, patient and professional. I would recommend them highly." - Kirk and Kathy Goldin, Stafford Township

"I did a tremendous amount of research, and I looked at a number of builders. We chose ReBUILD after our first meeting with Ed Walters. We wanted the right contractor, and they were a fabulous organization. The people at ReBUILD went through the entire building process with us from A to Z." - Ron Rafanello, Stafford Township

"After Sandy destroyed our home, I walked around for about a year feeling completely clueless and not really knowing what my next steps should be. One of my patients suggested I meet with Walters Homes, and it was the best decision I could have made. During our first meeting, I threw all my problems on the table and within a couple of weeks all the wheels were in motion. It was one-stop shopping: Walters took care of everything, from permitting and demolition to working with my insurance company and helping me obtain my RREM (Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation) grant. - Kelly and Stephen Paciello, Stafford Township